1Co 10:13 NLT. The Bible says, “When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure.” Maybe you are in a situation—a relationship or a financial condition—that’s not according to His Will (His good pleasure), you focus on the Word by confessing and meditating on it and your life begins to take shape and goodness start manifesting from your inside that far outweighs whatever is happening outside you.
Jesus told His followers that if they had faith, they could command a mountain and it would be cast into the sea. Now, when your focus is on the mountain, you are driven by your fear. But when your focus is on God, you are made alive by faith. But if you didn’t face the mountain you’d never know that faith was in you, or to what extent. Adversity has a way of changing your values and priorities for the better. When you’re on the treadmill of money, security, or success, and adversity knocks you off, you start seeing the folly of chasing temporal things. And if you’re wise you resolve not to return to your old way of life when things normalize. But the key to accomplishing this is taking action before normal life reactions takes over again. You have a finite window of time to make changes; otherwise you’ll drift back into your old patterns. While the memory of your adversity is still fresh, pray and ask God what changes He wants to make in your attitudes, your relationships, your habits and your lifestyle, and “He will show you a way out.”


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