“If God says his chosen ones are acceptable to him, can anyone bring charges against them? Or can anyone condemn them? No indeed!” (Romans 8:33-34).
Most of us spend our entire lives trying to earn acceptance. We want to earn it from our parents, peers, partners, from people we respect, maybe even from people we envy. The drive to be accepted is a deep drive that can influence the kind of clothes you wear, the kind of car you drive, the kind of house you buy, and even the career you choose.
Remember how, as a kid, you wanted so badly to be in the in- crowd that someone would say to you, “I dare you to do this” and suggest something that was either stupid or that put your personal safety at risk. But you did it anyway, because your desire to be accepted overruled the desire for safety.
We do it because we love the feeling of being accepted. When you’re accepted, it does tremendous things for your self esteem. The truth is, Jesus accepts you, and that acceptance is not based on your performance. In fact, you may have received Christ and accepted Jesus into your life, but do you realize that you’re able to do that because Jesus accepted you? You don’t have to earn his acceptance; you don’t have to prove yourself to Him. We need to stop thinking, “I’ve got an un pleaseable God up there, and I’ve got to be a good boy or good girl to be accepted.” God, through Jesus Christ, has already accepted you. That’s the Good News!
The whole essence of the Gospel is that God through Christ Jesus has accepted us in the beloved -(Ephesians 1:6). Wake up each day and testify to yourself that you are accepted by God. Keep talking it, don’t stop saying it, boldly declare it; that through grace in Christ Jesus, God has accepted you.
You are accepted of God!
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