But you shall receive power (ability, efficiency, and might) when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be My witnesses in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria and to the ends (the very bounds) of the earth (Acts 1:8 AMP).
I want you to notice the word “efficiency” in the scripture above, as one of the synonyms of “power”. A lot of Christians know that the Holy Spirit has endued them with power, might and ability but not so many know that He has also brought efficiency into their lives. “Efficiency” is the skill of being effective without wasting time, expense or unnecessary effort. In other words, an efficient person is productive, with minimum waste or effort. He gets things done in the best way, at the right time. Strengthening the efficiency of the Spirit in you will make you outstanding at your job; it will make you an outstanding student at school. Where others would take days and expend lots of energy to accomplish a task, you would tackle the same assignment and do a better job in a shorter time, with less energy and at a better cost. Promotion will inevitably follow the man or woman who consciously and consistently strengthens this special skill in them!
Recognize today that you have the efficiency of the Spirit in you. It’s a wonderful blessing of the Spirit in your life that you must take advantage of and learn
to strengthen everyday. If you’re a student, it’ll make you effective in the way you study and answer questions; you’d always be ahead of your peers. You’ve got to make up your mind today to strengthen this skill in you by yielding yourself to this ministry of the Spirit; He’s come to fill you with power and ability; He’s also come to make you efficient in what you do. And by yielding yourself to His ministry you strengthen this special blessing of efficiency in you.
When you begin to strengthen and take advantage of the efficiency of the Spirit in your life, it will absolutely revolutionize the way you function in life.
Time-wasting and unnecessary dissipation of energy and money will be a thing of the past. Then, you will discover that you’re able to do more and achieve more from a position of rest.
Finally beloved, you have received the efficiency of the Spirit of God. This blessing makes you effective, competent and productive in everything you do. As you strengthen this quality in you, you’ll get things done the best way, at the right time, with minimum waste or effort. You’ll become a go-getter, and extremely
dependable to deliver prompt and excellent services always. Hallelujah!
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