“Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance” Matthew 3:8.
John-The-Baptist was in the wilderness baptizing men unto repentance (forsaking of sin). He baptized men as a public declaration of forsaking the life of sin and turning to God. It is not the actual salvation, but it is likened to a public declaration of ones salvation.
John kept preaching and teaching about the coming wrath of God and continuing baptizing those who repent, As this went on, many Pharisees and Saduccess also came around for baptism. When he saw this, he rebuked them not to think they will be accepted by God by merely getting baptized, but that they need first show the deeds of their repentance. This is a profound statement and it applies to us as born-again Christians.
Professing to be Christians is good but not enough, declaring over roof tops our new found identity in Christ Jesus is indeed right but much more than our words, let our fruit be made known. Much more than words, let our works speak. Christianity is practical and the profession of our faith is equally experimental and substantial. There are physical applicability to what Christianity stands for.
Yes, we are spirit beings and we walk after the spirit, but our workings in the Spirit must be made known in the flesh. God wants us to produce quality deeds (fruits), and these fruits of our faith are manifested through corresponding actions: “My little Children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth” 1 John 3:18. This shows clearly that we manifest the confession of our faith and our love for God through our actions, through the deeds of our repentance.
Actions, deeds and works of love, which are the deposits that we have from God in our spirits. We express these fruits based on the workings of the Spirit of God in us. For example, we carry out acts of kindness, not because we’re trying to be kind, but because the kindness of Christ is in us; it is the love of Christ functioning in us. In charity for example, there’s the need and motivation of love that causes us to give and show care to others; that’s also the fruit of the spirit working. It also propels us to live a life of goodly virtues.
Matthew 3: 8AMP: ’Bring forth fruit that is consistent with repentance…’ Luke 3: 8: ‘Bring forth therefore fruits worthy of repentance,…’ From the scriptures, we see that there are deeds, actions or works that correlates with our faith and salvation and also that God demands these fruit from us; He doesn’t want us walking around professing everything by mouth-saying without any fruit to proof. God condemns unfruitful lives, He is a God that believe in substance. Some folks go around shouting loud that they have been Christians for so-and-so years but what can they show for it? Most lack godly traits and virtues, cruel hateful and hard-to-please, some haven’t won a single soul for Christ, yet, they want all the whole world to know that they are the ‘boss’ in the Church.
Let all men see your good works, let godly virtues and the fruits of the Spirit manifest through you. Bring forth fruit that is consistent with your salvation that all men may glorify your Father who is in Heaven. And always remember that what make you a Christian is not only what you believe or what you say, but what you do!
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  1. I agree very strongly.

    We are saved by faith to do the good works God has prepared for us should be a very important daily mantra for every Christian.

    God bless you with love, peace and joy.

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