“But he answered and said, it is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God” Matthew 4:4.
Man is a tripartite being comprising of spirit, soul and body. Man is a spirit who has a soul and lives in a body. To ensure functionality in and through the body of a man, the body must be feed and feed well. This is why nutritionist and health personnel stress the need for dietary balance and good eating habit. So also, to ensure functionality in the Spirit, our spirits needs to be fed. The same way a man will be impoverished, weak and unhealthy when he doesn’t eat well or stay too long from food is the same way a man will be impoverished, weak and incapacitated in his spirit if his doesn’t feed his spirit.
Some folks are so body-conscious; they will spend all taking care of their body leaving their spirit and soul uncared for. Being too careful of their body forgetting their spirit. They will choose to spend their last dime on the latest fashion trends, eat the most sophisticated snacks and buy the most expensive perfume at the detriment of their spirit-man. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all this are wrong, unbiblical or sinful, all I’m saying is don’t be too engrossed and ladened with the care of the flesh that will soon perish while leaving your eternal spirit to starvation.
In Matthew 4:4, Jesus replied Satan temptation by quoting Scripture. With “it is written” Jesus stamps Deuteronomy 8:3 as the very Word of God. Deut. 8:3 pictures Moses reminding Israel of God’s tender care for his people during the forty years of the wilderness journey. Particularly, it show the Lord had fed them with manna, heretofore completely unknown to them and their fathers, that He might teach them ‘that not by bread alone does man live but by every word proceeding out of the mouth of Jehovah does man live’. Jesus means Himself by using ‘man’ and uses the generic sense, meaning every human being. This is true of all people, whether they believe it or not. The Word of God alone causes and sustains life, not just physical food. Physical food can only sustain the body but the core of a man-his spirit and soul-can only be sustained and ensured by the very Word of God.
Bread (food) is not all that can sustain man’s life, Jesus shows us that God’s Word is the only guarantor for life’s sustainace, as does bread in the physical realm. We need more than physical food to enjoy life as God intended. God’s Word is our spiritual food which will enrich our life. It is the sustainer of our spirit to live the God-kind of life and it ensures the functionality of our spirit in the things of the God.
Never starve yourself of the Word. If you do, you’d risk living a quality life; the very kind of life God has prepared for His loved ones. God hasn’t brought us here to live life just as a commoner, He has formed us in His image to function on earth as He would. And to ensure this, He has made available for us His written Word to constantly feed us; to fuel us for this wonderful life He has prepared for us. Are you living on the Word? Like Job, do you esteem His Words more than your necessary food? (Job 23:12).
FURTHER STUDY: Deut. 32:46-47, Jer. 15:16.
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