“The centurion answered and said, Lord, I am not worthy that thou shouldest come under my roof: but speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed” Matthew 8:8.
There is a right way to receive the Word of God. Often times, people gather around the Word in fellowship and all they do is to read the Bible to themselves and thereafter go back to their individual problems and keep trying and hoping that someday the Lord will pity them and come to their rescue.
Beloved, this ought not to be. The Word of God is God’s solution to every problem that anyone could face in life and it must be seen as such. Get it straight, it is not enough to know that the Bible is what God has said. It is better to see the Bible as what God is saying to you right now. This approach to God’s Word helps you to see that the Bible is relevant to your life today. Then you can go ahead and apply it to your life’s situations.
Too many of us are too historical with God’s Word. You hear people say, God said this and God said that. Too few of us say what God is saying. You see, when it comes to the Bible, no Bible story is stale. There are always life lessons in them to put us on top of our troubling circumstances.
This is the right way to receive God’s Word- to make it your present-hour reality. Can you imagine a man on his sick bed to whom the preacher is announcing the Word of God as touching his healing and even before the preacher completes the quote, the sick man completes it for him and states exactly where it is written in the Bible and then goes on to tell the preacher that the issue here is his health not the Bible. As common as this attitude is, it is not the correct attitude to the Word of God. The correct response to the Word is to see it as the Word of God to you and to believe it and hold on to it as the solution to whatever problem is facing you.
Henceforth, receive the Word of God correctly as you ought to; make the Word of God your present hour reality. Receive all the Word says is yours. And refuse to be passive about God’s Word.
SCRIPTURAL REFERENCES: Luke 1:38, 2 Peter 1:19, Mark 7:13, Matthew 8:16.
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