Hebrews 4:2-12
Luke 11:28 “But he said, Yea rather, blessed [are] they that hear the word of God, and keep it”.
To partner with a person is to associate with that person to achieve a common goal. To partner correctly, you must be in agreement with that person. To partner with the Word of God is to agree with the Word and work the Word such that it finds expression through you to produce what it talks about. To partner with God’s Word is to let the Word be in you what it says it is. If the Word says to speak, you speak. If the Word says to give, you give. You act out what the Word says without asking questions; you understand that you are working the Word, you are giving expression to the Word of God.
The Word and you are in active partnership. The Word lives in you and you are living out the Word. You know that the Word is good and it is what it says it is, so you act it out boldly. God’s Word is what it says it is, therefore, it has the inherent ability to produce what it talks about. Put it in your mouth and in your heart, and it will come back to you with supernatural ability to fulfill itself. All you need to do is believe it. That’s what it takes to see the power of God’s Word unleashed for performance.
Beloved, the Word of God is your advantage in life. By the Word, you make remarkable progress that cannot be denied. Make God’s Word your consistent partner in all that you do and you can be rest assured that your path will ever shine brighter until the perfect day.
Thank God for the privilege of coming into partnership with the Word- to think, speak and act it. Rejoice that the Word can deliver on every promise it makes and declare that you are a doer of The Word; “I declare that I am a doer of Your Word.” Hallelujah!
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