“For we walk by faith, not by sight” 2 Corinthians 5:7.
Life is a journey and we walk it through. A lot of us depend entirely on our sensory perceptions and mental assents to take us through, depending only to the dictates of our eye, brain and body. This is called walking by sight, it is walking through life according to sensory perceptions and dictates.
In 2 Corinthians 5:7, Apostle Paul describes the walk of every true Christian as a faith walk and not a sight walk. Sight walk is limited and often times negates our true reality. Majority of human live according to this order. They make choices by the dictates of their eyes, head, feelings and what have you, going by whatever their natural senses tells them. These set of people live on the low side of life, they are limited. Whatever their body tells them they take in to be their present reality. This are people that circumstance and situations dictates the course of their lives instead of vice versa. They believe all there is is all they can see, feel and touch. They can’t see beyond their senses.
The truth need been said, our physical senses are limited. They are given to us to function only in this physical world, they can’t perceive spiritual things except they have been yielded to the spirit. The physical world- the earth and all we can sense- is just a type and shadow of the Spiritual world which is more real than the physical. Hebrews 1:3 tells us that “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear”. The Amplified Version put the latter end thus “…so that what we see was not made out of things which are visible”. You see that! The whole world was first an unseen reality in the Spirit realm before God called it forth into physical materialization. Everything which appear (Physical) comes from the things which are not visible (Spiritual). Now you know that our physical senses are limited, in that they cannot perceive the spiritual discerned until it has been brought forth from the Spirit into the physical (1 Cor. 2:14).
But there is a higher kind of life, this is a life where you know supernatural things by faith. In this, you don’t have to wait until you can see it, feel it, or touch it, you can know things and events even before they materialize. This is a life without trial and error, you don’t live in doubt or fear. You’ll live in security and confidence, things don’t catch you unawares and unprepared, you’re conscious and aware of future. This is living by faith! Our body senses and mental assents are to make us live and function in the body and make us aware of the physical world that we are in. So also is our spiritual senses, they make us live and function in the Spirit and make us aware of the Spiritual world. Someone may ask, is there anything as spiritual senses? Yes, there is! Man is a spirit who has a soul and lives in a body. Man is first a spirit, this physical body does primarily two things; to house our spirit and to make us live in this physical world. Essentially, man is a spirit. Our body senses are to make us function in the body, so also are our spiritual senses.
And you see, it is faith that activates our spiritual sensory perceptions. It is by faith that we operates in supernatural knowledge and discernment. That is why only the believer in Christ can walk in the full revelation of the Spirit because his faith is alive, his spirit is quickened and his spiritual sense has been vitalized. Faith is what makes you see beyond what your eye could see, it is what make you know beyond what your brain tells you. Faith tells you there is more to things than what you claim to know by physical discernment. For instance, your body may be aching and hot and your brain tells you you’ve got fever, and if faith is alive within you, it will cause you to see beyond the ache and pain and make you see your healing through Jesus’ Stripes and make you know that you’ve been healed and then your healing will manifest.
Since life is a walk and we either walk it through either by our physical senses or by our spiritual senses which is govern by faith. I beseech you to walk by faith and live that higher life that is void of guesses, or probabilities. It is a life of reality because the Spirit of Reality Himself will guide you through (John 15:26).


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