“An intelligent person aims at wise actions, but a fool starts off in many directions.” Proverbs 17:24 (The Good News Version).
It seems that with each passing year time just speeds up. It seems that only yesterday we were into the 2014 bug. We made it through 2014 and now we are faced with another New Year which in turn jetting off amazingly. But we all can do the one of two things this year while it lasts:
We can waste it away by sitting around and worrying about the things we failed to accomplish last year, or the mistakes we made throughout the year. We can sit around and mope or have a pity party because things didn’t go the way we wanted them to. OR
We can decide to make the most of this year that God has granted us. This could be the greatest year you have had up to this point, if you make a concise decision to do whatever it takes to have a great year.
The point I want to get across is, whatever we’re going to do with our lives this year, we had better get on the move because time is moving on. Time is not going to sit still until we can make up our mind about what we are going to do. One other point that I want to make is, if we’re not doing something with our lives it really doesn’t matter how long the year is or how much time we have left in the year.
So what are you going to do with 2015? How will this year be any different than last year? You’d say last year was a tough year. It was a year of challenges, a year of choices. It was a year of changes. It was a year of some crises. The fact is for more the year 2014 was more of a disappointment than a joy. Some may have experienced a loss of some kind. For some it may have been a year of setbacks and failures. The bad news is there is nothing we can do to change last year. The good news is we can learn from last year and today we have the opportunity to start over and make some changes. God brings life to us in small pieces, that we know as seconds, minutes, hours, days and months. At the beginning of every year He says, let’s wipe the slate clean and let’s start with a brand new year. Its like God is saying, “ Let’s start over. ” And that’s good news.
Proverbs 17:24 (The Good News Version) “An intelligent person aims at wise actions, but a fool starts off in many directions.” For many the last part of that verse describes them. It says, “ A fool starts off in many directions. ” Does that describe you? You start your year off in haste going in to many different directions at one time with no plan of action.
Then notice the words at the beginning of this verse: it says, ” An Intelligent person aims at wise actions”. That means they have a goal, an objective, an aim, a target. Have you set any goals for 2015? Or are you just going to walk into this year and hope it’s better? You’ve got to have a plan.
It is my prayer that you will start off on the right foot in the right direction this new year. Make plans and live by them!
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